After burning out in his “dream” career, Gary Schreiner struggled to find meaning and fulfillment in his professional life. His quest for answers ultimately transformed not only his professional career but profoundly changed his entire life. This attorney-turned-thriveology expert will help you apply six universal principles to change the way you look at life and achieve personal and professional success.

Gary L. Schreiner, JD

Life can get pretty hectic. Sometimes you feel like you are just surviving day-to-day. But you're not on this earth to merely survive. You are here to thrive.

What if you could

  • • Wake up looking forward to each day and go to bed with your soul at peace
  • • Perform at your optimal levels in business, relationships, and personal life
  • • Feel more energetic and alive
  • • Be comfortable and confident with who you are and who you want to be
  • • Feel more confident and connected with other people
  • • Succeed in spite of, or even because of, your failures
  • • Move forward in life and career with direction, hope, confidence, connection, vitality and drive
  • • Live a kick-butt life you love every day

…Without being overwhelmed by stress, drama, doubt, pressure or fear?

…And get started in as little as 7 minutes a day?

That would be pretty cool, yes?

You can.


20 Minute Transformation

Clarity.  Confidence.  Optimism.  Innovation.  Success.

Succeeding at anything in life starts with your mindset.  Thought precedes action.  Action precedes success.  Our thought rhythms, or patterns, shape everything we do and experience.  Are your thoughts leading you to where you want to go?  

In as little as 20 minutes you can begin to transform your thinking to create the reality you want.  Gary will guide you through 3 simple rhythm shifts that will help you eliminate your barriers, increase confidence and focus, and open your mind to new possibilities.  

Discover Your Thrive Beat

People spend enormous amounts of time, energy and stress trying to find success and balance in their business, career, relationships and other realms of their life. This oneof-a-kind, upbeat presentation will have toes tapping and heads nodding as executive coach Gary Schreiner explains why you should forget about finding balance and instead find your optimal rhythm.

Using the dulcet tones of his cajón (Peruvian box drum), improvised instruments and audience participation to illustrate, Gary explains research-based principles that help people and organizations thrive. These principles are keys to such desirable outcomes as higher performance, increased productivity, improved well-being and greater happiness.

You, the Thrivepreneur


How to both succeed in your profession and enjoy life.

Is it possible to have a successful, fulfilling career and still have time to enjoy life? Absolutely! A Thrivepreneur is a professional who knows that the greatest measure of success is your well-being and the well-being of those around you. Wealth and influence are hollow victories if peace and happiness are missing from your life. Take care of yourself and improved personal and professional performance and success follow.

Harness the power of your Six Rhythms™ to propel yourself to the life success you deserve. These research-based principles can be applied to your business, team, professional performance and personal life.

Designed for professional audiences.

All Speaking Programs

 Customized to specific audience.

 Interactive, with audience participation.

 Include specific action steps that can be put into practice immediately.

 May be structured as 20, 30, 40 or 60 minute presentation with question and answer period included.

Gary has presented to diverse audiences, including business owners, judges, attorneys, counselors, therapists, engineers, college professors, real estate agents, mediators, bankers, HR professionals, nurses, psychologists and government agencies.

Gary is the owner and founder of Unconquerable International and the Center for Life Rhythms. He has over 20 years’ experience working with individuals and organizations in multiple industries, including the following: financial, document management, aerospace, nuclear research, information technology, law, social services, law enforcement, government, counseling, occupational therapy, construction, education, security, and conflict management.

Other Presentation Topics Include


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Avoiding or overcoming stress and burnout in your business or profession

The Motivation Myth

Why your efforts to motivate yourself or others fail and what to do about it.

Conflict Rocks!

Conflict is inevitable. How to make it work for you or your organization when it happens.

Shut Up and Listen

Improve relationships, solve problems and achieve more with Connected Listening.

Artichokes are Better than Onions

Building a mindset to crush your challenges.